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June 5, 2015
Things have been moving along at Casa Gertruda, and we are quickly approaching the finish line. The craziness begins now with a combination of packing, finishing, preparing…

June 20, 2015
So when I began writing this blog Jeff and I were still living in the one bedroom apartment near Redondo Beach Pier…then the craziness of packing and moving happened (I have moved more in the last year than in my life as a whole), and sadly with so much going on, the blog had to be put aside…
But now I’m back to it…and the circumstances have completely changed….
What an amazing feeling! Even though we are not finished by any means, we are able to live in the guest room, with a fully functioning bathroom, a kitchen that is almost complete, no flooring yet….no paint or staining of cabinets…..
BUT regardless….we are LOVING IT!!!

Nina a little uncertain about this at first....

On weekends, Jeff has been hard at work. He dug the trench for the new gas line at the side of the house.  I think he enjoys the manly work.  And if not, well I at least love that side of him!
Diggin' it!
Since I tend to obsess over the details, it has been great for me to be living in the space as we finalize them.  So I have been sketching away for all the finishing touches.  While I work on that, Jeff works on making this "construction site" livable and cozy for us.  On weekends, he pulls out our living room rug, sets up a dining room of sorts, and sets up the tv in the living room/woodshop.  Perfect team effort!
 This was last weekend when Marlea came over for dinner. We call it "glamping."

So now each morning, we wake up at Casa Gertruda, and before I leave for work, I meet with the Artisan team.  We go over some details, questions they have or that I might have, Nina gets a bite of Kent's peanut butter toast, as does a squirrel in the yard that the Artisan team has clearly adopted, and off to work I go.  Then when I come is like Christmas or Hannukah! New exciting "gifts" each day! This is the present that I came home to the other day....
The tub was in! That made for a wonderfully relaxing night!
Oh...and here is the Artisan adopted squirrel.
As we get ready to finish up here , we are thinking about the furnishings.  I have this aversion to bringing anything old and dreary into the sunny newness that vibrates within this creative home. It’s like the vibe that exists in the space shouldn’t be diminished with anything sad, worn out, or dismal. I always feel a sincerity about bringing that which emphasizes or adds to the vibrancy, nothing that depletes it.  So we gave away a lot of things.

In some sense I would rather do without if we do not have it now, rather than pull in mediocrity.  It's like the beauty of this home deserves care. I know it is a crazy mindset, especially as funds reach depletion…but it’s the artistic spirit that can't be helped.

So in preparation, we have selected some furniture.  We have purchased, but not yet scheduled delivery of:
A charcoal grey leather couch; black leather chaise that sprawls luxuriously and even further reclines,  and a stunning dining room table that speaks to the clean lines with its precision hardware that allows it to extend for those big dinner parties we plan to have.

As in most of my projects, I love clearly establishing a color palette that has warm materials with a smooth (rather than overtly bold) contrast.  The bold contrast is great for the workplace because it promotes activity and energy, but at home, I enjoy the serenity.  Not to draw upon the wrong imagery, but we are certainly within “many shades of grey,”
with the natural walnut, white lacquer accents, caesarstone, shades of grey stone (some rough, some smooth like suede).   And I enjoy bringing a pop of color in accessories such as vases, pillows, etc. Our accent color is teal, peacock blue, and the color of ocean waves.
The walls are white to allow the materials to be showcased rather than the paint. We have clear walnut wood, grey architectural stone, stainless steel, white oak flooring with beautiful hints of tan and grey, natural plants, rock, and bamboo.

What a dynamic collaboration this has been.  Immersed in it as both architect and client, I have seen the collaborative energy even more closely. The Artisan team (George, Kent, and Scott) have gone above and beyond to create a beautifully crafted home.  It is clear how much pride they take in their work by their attention to detail.  The result is truly art. It is a remarkable feeling to be living in that.  Being surrounded by beauty transforms your outlook, encourages you to slow down and truly see, lifts the spirit, and brings appreciation to every day.

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  1. can't wait to eat dinner at your big dining table! And then take a bath! Love your writing woman!! The Casa looks amazing!