Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Framing Exposed...

Progress continues at Casa Gertruda. Dirt has been dug out for our new footings. And with all the framing exposed, we have been reviewing the existing framing. As is often the case, some conditions aren't exactly as we expected them to be. That's the joy of remodeling as opposed to brand new construction! Yes, there was a note of sarcasm there...

So we had a framing jobsite meeting yesterday with our framer, Robert, who goes by the long-held nickname "Turtle," and Rasheed our structural engineer. We spent a lot of time looking up at the existing framing.....

And more time looking up....

But in the end, we came up with solutions for all of it...
That's what I call great teamwork!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Now the very beginning of building begins!

Casa Gertruda still looks somewhat sad and skeletal....

Even the stairs are gone!

But footing work has begun.  And that means,  framing is just around the corner.

In the meantime, let's look at the renderings so we don't lose sight of where we are headed!

At the Master Bathroom corner

At the office corner window (front of the house)
Master bathroom interior view
We are starting something new in my office....the construction site signs at each project will show what the finished home will look like.
Just put up Casa Gertruda's sign today!
What do you think?
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Friday, October 17, 2014

A very bare house...

This week was the conclusion of demolition. And boy did they demolish!!! Our house seems so naked! But I'm happy to say that there is no sense of one is freaking out...
I had been concerned that either Jeff or I would get that stomach churning feeling of worry, kind of like, "Oh dear what have we done?"  But, there was not even a hint of that. Instead we are tremendously excited to continue the adventure!

Monday, October 13, 2014

CASA GERTRUDA: Worse before it gets better...

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"Umm Jeff...what was that you said? You wanted to reconsider doing a remodel? OOPS!"

The Demolition team had a hard day's work!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let the games begin! it! Casa G starts now! We are holding on tight for the exciting ride! -Jeff and Karen


Wednesday October 8, 2014
First sign of Progress:

Almost Permit Ready!

Monday, October 6, 2014
This is the before pic! We went to the building department today... Architectural plans approved! Structural plan checker wants just one more calculation from our structural engineer, and then it's time to pull permits!! Construction fence for Casa Gertruda is on its way!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

It's GO time!

Something exciting is about to happen!  I am getting ready to start a large scale remodel, rebuild, and addition to our home in Redondo Beach!  So now, the tables are turned…and I am not only the architect, but client too! I am sure that the project will be exciting, might be stressful, and quite possibly frightening! I will finally get to feel all of the things my amazing clients go through.

For the last 23 years in this profession, I have done many small remodels on my previous home in Huntington Harbour, California.  Each, however, was done in individual phases. For example, the kitchen was its own project, before that it was the outdoor pool, before that the living room, etc. Never have I moved out of a house for construction. This is a first for me!

I’ve committed myself to sharing the experiences with you…good or bad. So not only will I be blogging about it, but I’m starting an instagram account as well to keep you thoroughly updated!

Right now, the final reviews and approvals are underway at the City Building Department.  We hope to begin construction next week.  So in the meantime let me introduce the key players to you.

My boyfriend, Jeff Webb, is on this journey with me. Earlier in his life, Jeff was a residential general contractor. I’m seriously hoping that makes him well aware of what we are heading into. He has owned the Redondo Beach home for over 15 years, and upon the sale of my Huntington Harbour home, I joined him in Redondo, and we now call Casa Gertruda our home.

The name came about in my office.  My staff and I typically refer to our projects by the client’s last name, but it felt weird in this case. So, Gertruda because of the street it is on, and Casa because it had a nice ring to it.

The general contractor is George Fullerton of Artisan Builders.  I have worked with George for over 7 years. His work is outstanding, his team puts their heart and soul into each project, and they know the level of quality and craftsmanship that I look for. And, most importantly, they are up for the challenge, and excited to work on Jeff’s and my dream home. Having built countless homes together, Artisan Builders knows how to work well with me as the architect…let’s hope I don’t scare them off as the client as well!