Monday, April 6, 2015

D e t a i l s

Charles Eames, an influential architect and furniture designer said it best...

Work continues along on Casa Gertruda as we move from the overall design scheme to the finish details.  And without a doubt, the beauty and success of any given project lies in the details.  The details are not insignificant parts of the whole. Without them the whole is unfinished, a mere gesture lacking thought and attention. It is in the thoughtful intricacies of the design that beauty happens.

That is what Mies van der Rohe meant by "God is in the details." While you can have a brilliant design with a flowing floor plan, seamless transitions, and vaulted airy spaces, the attention to details or lack thereof seals its fate.

Here are some pictures of our progress. The house is fully wrapped on the exterior with mesh and building paper.  Stucco and finish materials will soon follow.  The house is fully insulated, the drywall is going up today, fire sprinklers are in, decks are waterproofed, roofing has begun, and cabinets are in the works!
Wrapping the house a few weeks ago

Beginning of kitchen cabinets


We are using beautiful walnut wood for cabinetry and other details.
I never knew the sheets come numbered so the grain can be book matched.

Artisan Builders runs a tight ship with such a skilled, knowledgeable team, but if there is one thing of which they are unmatched is cabinetry and woodworking. 
This part of the construction phase is always an exciting one, since we can glimpse into the final look and character of the space.

Take a look a the beautiful detailing of walnut wood at the opening into the wine cellar. 

Today, the fabrication of the stairs begins.  It will be made of a steel stringer from which the wood treads float. We are planning to use tempered glass at the edge to allow the open feel of the stairs to speak for themselves.  The stainless hardware and finished wood will be the details that make the design.

George and Kent of Artisan Builders
Wish we had Scott in the photo too! 

This past weekend, Jeff and I gave my folks the job site tour. Without the stairs in place, Mom and Dad were good sports and climbed the ladder and all!
Thanks Jeff for the LONG reach....we sure could have used a selfie stick...
So as we keep working on our Casa, the design will continue to take form.  For me, that is truly the beauty of architecture.  Once a design is born, it continues to evolve and develop, taking cues from itself.  The juxtaposition of forms or finishes, and the layering of design elements can often create a complexity that alters the design somehow, giving it new meaning or perception as the composition unfolds.  From the initial schematic design, to the construction documents, and then to the built work....the creativity evolves from large expression to finite detail.  Each part of the process bringing depth, complexity, and substance.

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