Sunday, February 1, 2015

Framing Finale!

 In October of last year we brought the house down to its naked bare bones.  And from there began the rebuilding process. This week we reached a noteworthy milestone in the Casa Gertruda project. On Wednesday, I got the following text from our framer, Turtle:
 "Framing is done!"
Just reading that, my heart jumped a beat! Even though I am at the house meeting with the framers just about every day, that text still caught me by surprise. We were really at the end of a huge chapter!

In the last few weeks, skylights and the fireplace in the master bedroom have been framed, the master bathroom shower is framed, all the niches in our accent walls at the entry and the dining room are in place.

Master Bedroom fireplace

Master Bathroom shower

Gym (blocking for ballet barre)

In the gym/meditation room, we put blocking in the wall that will have a ballet barre for all those barre workouts I plan to do!  That way, as I am out of breath, using the ballet barre for support, and feeling like I might collapse from physical exertion....the wall won't collapse with me! I'm hoping Marlea, my soon-to-be 21 year old daughter who has loved ballet since she was 4, will join me at the barre when she visits.  And I did say barre not bar!

One of the last things to be framed were the "canopies" at the front corner office window and above the dining room rear multi-fold doors.  They add detailing, sun and rain protection, and accentuate these design elements. They will eventually be wrapped in metal with metal "ribs" underneath (see the rendering at the beginning of the blog to visualize).

Canopy at office corner window
Canopy at dining room
Turtle nailing the last straps to Casa's framing
So as we close this chapter, we are ready to begin the next one.  Artisan Builders will take it from here as they will be at Casa Gertruda full time starting Monday morning.  I got the coolest text from George, the General Contractor (Artisan Builders) on Friday:
" (now that framing is finished) I'm checking out your new house. This is an awesome layout.  I'm going to build you two (Jeff and Karen) a masterpiece." 
It's pretty great when your contractor is as excited about the project as you are!

And I was thinking today that like one of my earlier blogs suggested, football season and "framing season" aligned pretty neatly.  We started Casa when football season began, and we wrapped up its framing the week of the Super Bowl.   And though I don't know if the Patriots or the Seahawks will win, or if we have yet heard all of the deflated ball thing I know for sure...for next year's Super Bowl, Jeff and I will be happily hanging out at Casa Gertruda.

And though the footballs may not be deflated next year...the home bank account most likely will be!
By the looks of it so will be well worth it.

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  1. Change "barre" to "bar" and your soon-to-be 21 year old daughter is in! Jk...But looks amazing mom!