Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Framing, Football, and Fall...

Some BIG beams have gone in at Casa Gertruda that makes you wonder..."What in the world was holding the original back corner of the home up?" The master bathroom corner has a double cantilever that was there originally.....but somewhat  precariously supported.  So, we have installed some substantial  parallam beams to support it...the right way! Nothing is falling down on our watch!

During the pour of our concrete footings, one of the steel posts was installed...this will be partially exposed (remember we are going for the modern look) at the beginning of the staircase.  The lower portion will be wrapped with tongue and groove walnut wood panels, and the upper portion will be exposed steel, painted black. 

While I know we desperately need rain in So Cal's drought.....a little part of me can't help but sing "rain, rain, go away...come back another day!" We are seriously hoping the rain does not impede progress on framing.  Lumber drop is today.....hoping we see lots of framing soon...weather permitting.

In the meantime, Jeff and I are trying to distract ourselves.....
Here's what we have been up to...
Yes...we are a divided house....
(and even though Jeff has the most mischievous look ever... the Bruins took it this year!)
I might need to find a way to inexplicably lose Jeff's hat in our move back home to Casa!
And last week, the Trojans dominated over Notre Dame.
A huge thank you to our
Gertruda neighbors, Kathie and Joe,
 for finding us amazing tickets!
But really......football is almost over.....we can only distract ourselves for so long!
It's hammer time!

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