Monday, September 17, 2012

Wordless communication

While speech is a powerful tool, communicating without words can be even more provocative.  Babies do this, letting us know without words when they feel distraught, need something, or feel content and safe.
Lovers do this, exchanging a knowing look that they understand, communicating shared humor, disappointment, hurt, love, or desire.

Architecture also has the ability to communicate silently. A space can speak to us, instilling serenity and peacefulness. A home that we have designed with our personal touch can speak volumes on shelter, security, comfort, and familiarity. It can remind us that we belong to something, that we are not adrift. It can whisper safety and warmth to us without a single word.

A vibrant and trendy restaurant can talk of excitement and energy. It can communicate drama and cosmopolitan flair without a word.

A sanctuary communicates godliness and tranquility. Its voice is gentle, soft-spoken, and divine.

A workplace can communicate with order and organization. It seeks to motivate and inspire.

A  fireplace speaks of gathering and warmth. Its voice is inviting and draws us near.


The beauty of silent communication is the power that lies behind its demure nature. Unhindered by barriers of language, nuance, or tone, the silence speaks volumes in clarity and simplicity. When architecture finds its true voice, it translates into a building with soul. Imploring us to connect, architecture brings meaning to the mundane, awakens our senses, and offers us a quiet understanding.

And in that silence, even a whisper resonates.

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